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Lawn care, tree and shrub care, eliminating weeds and brush, specialty sprays — we do it all.

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Our Services


Lawn & Turf

Do you dream of having a vibrant, green lawn? Lawn care involves more than just regular watering. We provide lawn, turf and grass care including grass seed, fertilizer, lime, weed control, aeration control, insect control and more, customized to your specific local growing conditions.


Weeds & Brush

We provide weed control, poison ivy and vegetation control especially in wooded lots, along driveways, parking lots and fence lines.  Our techniques will keep your driveways, ornamental plantings, stone areas and sidewalks clear, and are optimized for commercial spaces like store fronts.


Trees & Shrubs

We offer tree & shrub care including deep root feeding and winter protectants, foilage sprays, soil injections, gypsy moth and bagworm control, diagnostics and consulting services.  These treatments are especially good for ornamental plantings which require special care.


Specialty Sprays

We offer several specialty spray services, such as flea & tick control, mosquito control, party & event sprays and more. Do you get yearly ant visits, or do the mosquitos think your patio is party central? Our seasonal sprays can take care of buggy pests!

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