Weeds & Brush

Weed, poison ivy and vegetation control.

Remove weeds from your gardens and outdoor spaces.

Unwanted vegetation including weeds, brush and poison ivy are flourishing at this time of year.

We provide weed control, poison ivy and vegetation control, especially in wooded lots, along driveways, parking lots & fence lines, and more.

Ornamental Plantings & Stone Areas

A pre- and post-emerge material applied in both spring and fall will control many annual and some perennial weeds and grasses, providing season-long weed control.

Driveways, Stone Areas & Pavers

A pre- and post-emerge material applied to stone, gravel or paver patios, driveways, parking areas, etc., will provide season-long weed control.

weed in paver

Poison Ivy Eradication

We treat and spray poison ivy and other noxious weeds, as well as unwanted brush and other invasive or difficult to control weeds.

Wooded Lots

A liquid-applied material for controlling unwanted “underbrush” can keep your wooded lot looking clean while helping to eliminate a habitat for potentially harmful insects such as ticks and mosquitos. 

Along Fence Lines

A very precisely applied spray application can provide control of vegetation while eliminating the need for “weed whackers.”

Bare Ground Areas

We provide vegetation control for Commercial and Industrial sites such as lumber yards, tank farms, telecommunications sites and masonry yards which require bare ground for neatness and fire safety.

Crack and Crevice Weeds

We provide season-long control of weeds and grasses around store fronts, sidewalks, curb lines, school grounds, tennis courts or wherever unsightly vegetation may exist.

Pre-Asphalt Areas

A pre-emerge material applied to the soil prior to asphalt covering can provide control of woody and non-woody vegetation that could penetrate through such areas.

Weed & Brush Control - BEFORE

weeds cleared from fence line

Weed & Brush Control - AFTER

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